Colin Greenwood (cozgreenwood) wrote in must_be_funny,
Colin Greenwood


i'm going to make the 1st post in this community.

nothing special, i just would like to know who should be in this community. any reccomendations? just let me know, and i'll add them. thanks, i would greatly appreciate it.

and sorry about not checking the posting access box to those of you i added so far, i'm an idiot and didn't realise i needed to do that. but when you join i'll check it and make sure i check for new members in the future, haha.
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Haha you have no idea what you're doing, do you? Give us posting access already!
shut up, just shut up. no you're right i don't have any idea what the hell to do and im scared shitless. hold me.
It was so brave of you to make this community. Cheers, big brother.