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Because everybody could use a refresher course in A B C's

Mel and I present our own splendid version. Who says us folks aren't educational?

steamy mel: A is for the assholes in this world
Buschy Adam: B is for the Busch in Adam Busch
steamy mel: C is for cookie that's good enough for me
Buschy Adam: D is for donuts mmmmmmm
steamy mel: E is for elated
Buschy Adam: F is for....fornication?
steamy mel: G is for the greatness you display?
Buschy Adam: H is for the hotness you exude?
steamy mel: I is for the iodine you should intake too much of!
Buschy Adam: J is for Jack-in-the-Box for which you should not eat at!
steamy mel: K is for the kick in your arse.
Buschy Adam: L is for the leach in your shorts
steamy mel: M is for the masculine hair on your chest.
Buschy Adam: <33
Buschy Adam: N is for the nipples that are somewhere hidden in my hairy chest
steamy mel: =-O
steamy mel: O is for the o in ho.
steamy mel: haha that was funny.
Buschy Adam: Ha! You're so clever :-*
Buschy Adam: P is for the package of large I surely possess
steamy mel: Q is for the quality of grade a meat.
Buschy Adam: R is for the robot. Coolest fucking dance ever.
steamy mel: Hahaha
steamy mel: S is for the sex I have abundantly.
Buschy Adam: Ha!
steamy mel: haha
Buschy Adam: T is for the tits I do not see
steamy mel: U is for the u in the us you and unibrow. haha i dont know u is hard
Buschy Adam: Haha nice
Buschy Adam: V is for the vagina I do not have
steamy mel: HA!
Buschy Adam: :-D
steamy mel: W is for the wonderful auora you cannot help but sanitize me with.
Buschy Adam: X is for...jesus fuck what is it for. Uhh x-tremely hard words.
Buschy Adam: that and XXX porn
steamy mel: yeah!
steamy mel: Y is for yorke in thom fucking yorke who is verra verra sexy.
Buschy Adam: Whoo!
Buschy Adam: Z is for Zanadoo! Because I fucking love Olivia Newton John. :-[
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